Psychic Source Review

The first thing that becomes obvious when you look at Psychic Source, and other psychic services is how they deal with customers. Psychic Source take their service very seriously. They started doing psychic reading in 1989, they appear to be the oldest and one of the most respected psychic services around.

Looking at some of their customer comments and review videos, it becomes clear that they have happy customers. Also visible is that they welcome, and take customer feedback very seriously. As all psychic businesses should, but many don’t. also has a very high standard when it comes to hiring psychics. They have a rigorous screening process for all Psychics wanting to join their community. Apparently they have about 400 psychics on staff, and hire about 5% of all that applies.

Yes, there are some complaints about Psychic Source out there. But, as always – there will be chronic complainers that want to be heard.

Our recommendation is to try them out. And judge for yourself.


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