A Guide to Learning the Basics of Numerology

All human beings spend their lives surrounded by written symbols. The development of a graphically represented language was one of the most important events in human history, and adeptness at the manipulation of letter and numbers is still one of the chief traits that separates humans from other types of beings. Without a doubt, symbols are imbued with a sort of power; they suffuse our lives with meaning, and are the medium by which knowledge is transferred between people and generations. Given that symbols have such an influence upon out lives, it is only natural to assume that they may have an even more significant meanings than meet the eyes.

Numerology is the name given to the discipline that centers around attempting to study and probe the unseen meanings of the symbols that surround us. While the name suggests that numerology is only involved with digits and other methods of quantifying amount, it can actually be applied to the divination of all kinds of human created symbol, as every symbol can be converted to the number system in some way. The application of numerology can allow for the user to learn more about someone’s character, or what the future has in stock for them.

Many people are keen to find out exactly how numerology works. For those who are curious, be warned that it is an occult science, a study that is dependent on the activity of certain cosmic forces and vibrations that are not necessarily measurable using current technology. The best way to learn more about numerology is to try it out. To get beginners started, here are some of the most common ways that numerologists use the science to learn more about themselves, others, and the world around us.

1. Life Path Numbers

The analysis of life path numbers is one of the bread and butter practices of the numerology discipline. This form of study uses the time, location, and date of your birth to ascertain a plethora of things about you, from key personality traits to important trends that will manifest within your life.

This means that some of the most important things a person can learn through the use of numerology will come from the analysis of life path numbers. It is for this reason that the importance of these numerals has been long recognized in many ancient cultures, from China to Celtic traditions.

2. Destiny Numbers

These numbers are attained by using a formula to convert your full name to numerals. The resulting numbers can be used to determine how your life will generally play out. This practice can help you prepare for certain events, as well as warning you what to look out for.

3. Inner Number

A number that is related to the consonants in your full name, the inner number is your best tool for finding out more about your true self. Through the analysis of one’s inner number, it is possible to find out your subconscious motivations and the dreams and desires that guide your life that even you may not be completely aware of.

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